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Cleaning and Maintaining


Cleaning and Maintaining

Because laminate floors are so dense, they are easy to keep clean. Most, if not all, polishes will not stick to their surface area. All that is really required is vacuuming, dust mopping, and maybe a damp towel at times. Most brands carry a 10 to 25 year residential warranty against staining, wearing, and fading. They are designed to look good for many years with a minimum of effort. 

While laminates are meant to stand up to wear, they keep a new look if you follow these simple tricks:

  • Vacuum or dust mop to remove loose dirt or grit.

  • Damp mop using warn water; do not saturate floor.

  • Change water as necessary to keep clean.

  • Do not use polishes or waxes

  • Never clean with abrasives, scouring powder or steel wool.

  • Wipe up spills immediately.

  • Avoid allowing any liquids to stand on your floor - including your pets water bowl

Dirt is the primary enemy of laminates floors. Walking over time causes fine scratches that lead to dullness and larger particles of sand or rocks cause visible scratches. A couple of tricks here include:

  • Glides or cushion bottom protectors under chairs and table legs to prevent possible scratching

  • Floor mats and foot brushes to pick up dirt at all outside doorway entrances

  • Regular vacuuming and dust mopping to keep grit off the floor.

If your laminate scratches, you may be able to buy a touch up stick from the manufacturer.  The repaired area is often invisible plus it will hold up to traffic and wear just like the rest of your floor.

In the event damage is more severe (which is unlikely to happen in most homes) it is possible for a trained professional to replace a plank. Done properly, the new plank should be almost indistinguishable from the rest.


  • Oil, paint, permanent marker, tar, rubber heel marks use a neutral cleaner on a clean light colored cloth or nail polish remover if needed

  • Blood, fruit juice, wine, beer, soda pop, pasta sauce
    Warm water and/or a neutral cleaner on a clean light colored cloth.

  • Candle wax, chewing gum
    First harden with ice, then very gently scrape. Wipe with warm water on a clean light colored cloth.







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